Formerly known as the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children; NextSense is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision across Australia. NextSense work with both children, adults and their families to educate and create an individual program of care that meets their unique needs.

NextSense believe that everyone should have the power to reach their potential. That’s why we’ve been supporting people with hearing or vision loss for over 160 years.

With the support of generous donations, NextSense provides vital support for children and adults, more cochlear implants than any other service in Australia, and is a world leader for research, technology and professional education in our field.

How does Hyundai Help for Kids provide support?
Specifically, Hyundai Help for Kids support NextSense through the Connected Services program, a service children with vision or hearing loss, and their families, living in regional and remote communities. Early intervention is vital in these circumstances, as well as school support and therapy services. For these children, NextSense Connected Services brings an expert team to the family home using high quality video conferencing equipment ensuring vital early intervention services can be delivered.

Bringing children and families together at Hyundai Help for Kids residential camps
Thanks to the partnership between Hyundai Help for Kids and NextSense – families accessing NextSense Connected Services can attend residential camp programs throughout the year, bringing together children from all around Australia. The camps blend educational experiences with a range of fun and social activities to help children develop confidence and build relationships. The camps also offer the opportunity for parents and caregivers to come together, share experiences and meet their NextSense support team in person.