September 28, 2021

Since 2014 Hyundai Help for Kids has been supporting NextSense (formerly Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children). Over the 8 years the partnership collectively worth over $1.1M has grown from supporting one of events like Kick for a Cause to a formalised partnership which supported over 3,300 clients with Connected Services and Camps.

This month, Hyundai Help for Kids has extended our partnership with NextSense through to 2022, ensuring vital funding for Early Intervention program supporting children with hearing or vision loss. The extension means the Hyundai Help for Kids and NextSense partnership will hit eight years, as we began supporting NextSense (then RIDBC) in 2014.

Bill Thomas, Hyundai General Manager – Public Relations said, “We’re looking at building the partnership as best we can and supporting NextSense to make the difference for the children that need your support to give them the best start in life. As with our previous partnership the provision of vehicles will have a huge impact in supporting children with hearing or vision loss. In the past over 400 in person consultations for families across NSW, ACT and VIC were enabled through Hyundai vehicles, and this will continue into our new partnership of Early Intervention.”

What is Early Intervention?
Early Intervention creates tailored opportunities for early learning, building confidence, and setting the foundations for higher learning and critical life skills for children aged 0-7 years old.
“NextSense Early Intervention gives children quality support early in life to set the foundation for higher learning and critical life skills. And we make sure they are happy and confident to interact with others, play, and explore the world,” Melissa Bergin, NextSense Director Fundraising and Development said.

NextSense works with families to design a tailored program that meets their needs, developing the communication, language and social skills that will support each child and their family at every stage. Early Intervention promotes the early development of children with hearing or vision loss by surrounding them with a team which have necessary skills that match the developmental needs of the child and family.
It’s the collaborative teamwork in this approach that enables NextSense to help children and families reach their individual communication and development goals.

Why is early intervention important?
Hearing loss impacts 1 in 6, while vision loss impacts 1 in 40 Australians.

NextSense Early Intervention, directly impacted the lives of over 1,300 children in 2020 through a combination of in-person and remote support from a team of NextSense experts. With Hyundai Help for Kids support this impact will grow and we aim to support even more children in 2021/22.

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