> What is the purpose of this program?

Hyundai Help for Kids was created to allow Hyundai Motor Company Australia, in partnership with the Australian National Hyundai Dealer Network, to provide funds and/or non-monetary support for not-for-profit organisations associated with providing assistance to Australian children and their families.

Hyundai Dealers are franchise operations – they are not owned by Hyundai Motor Company Australia, but by separate independent companies. So it’s important to recognise each dealer’s contribution to this program.

> Who will benefit from the Hyundai Help for Kids program?

Hyundai’s Australian philanthropic enterprise will offer financial grants to a range of organisations focused on delivering support to Australian youth and the families who support them.

There will be three main areas of focus for approved and selected grant recipients:
• Community programs
• Medical Assistance and Research programs
• Vehicle Assistance programs

> Will Hyundai be seeking public donations for the fund?

No, this is a philanthropic fund supported entirely by the joint initiative of Hyundai Motor Company Australia and the Hyundai National Dealer Network

> How are the funds raised?

It is a joint 50:50 partnership between the National Hyundai Dealer Network and Hyundai Motor Company Australia, with funds raised via a joint contribution from each new Hyundai vehicle sold in Australia*

This contribution is then used to support and fund various approved organisations and their programs

> What is the amount per vehicle donated to the program, and is the donation matched 1:1?

Yes, the contribution is matched 1:1 by Hyundai Motor Company Australia and the National Hyundai Dealer Network.

The contribution per new Hyundai vehicle sold is $15.00 per vehicle*

$7.50 from the National Hyundai Dealer Network

Matched with $7.50 from Hyundai Motor Company Australia

> How much money does Hyundai Help for Kids expect to raise, and over what period are they measuring themselves to gauge success?

The Hyundai Help for Kids program will grow organically and we have not set any pre-determined targets for funding

Based on yearly Hyundai Motor Company Australia sales, our expectation is that we will be able to make contributions in the vicinity of $1.5M (AUD) to Australian children’s causes every year through the Hyundai Help for Kids program.

> Who manages, administers and audits the program? Is it independent or managed by Hyundai?

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee has been established to manage the Hyundai Help for Kids program

The committee is made up of representatives from Hyundai’s National Dealer Network, Hyundai Motor Company Australia management and also Hyundai Motor Company Australia employees.

The CSR committee will determine if any additional organisations are to be added to the official Hyundai Help for Kids recipient list, using a quantitative evaluation tool developed for this program.

The decisions of the committee in relation to all grant applications are binding

The fund will be operated by Hyundai Motor Company Australia

> How are applications submitted for a Hyundai Help for Kids grant?

The online application process has been rested for Hyundai Help for Kids grants with the exception of the Goals for Grassroots program

Recipients will now be independently scouted and assessed by Hyundai Help for Kids management and the CSR committee, with assistance from Hyundai Motor Company Australia and Hyundai Dealers across Australia.

Hyundai Goals for Grassroots
Refer to www.goalsforgrassroots.com.au for the Hyundai Goals for Grassroots Terms & Conditions and junior club registration dates

* Does not include company car or rental car sales