Since 1860, RIDBC has been helping achieve the best outcomes for generations of Australians living with vision or hearing loss. Operating from 17 permanent sites across Australia, RIDBC provides education, therapy, audiology and cochlear implant services to thousands of children and their families. RIDBC is Australia’s largest non-government provider of therapy, education, and diagnostic services for children and adults with vision or hearing loss.

RIDBC’s mission is to provide quality and innovative services to achieve the best outcomes for current and future generations of Australians with vision or hearing loss. RIDBC Teleschool provides education and therapy services to over 200 children, with hearing or vision loss, living in regional and remote Australia by using high quality videoconferencing technology in the family home.

RIDBC Teleschool ensures that distance is no barrier to learning, by providing families with access to the expert knowledge, understanding and support that they need without having to relocate to a city and away from vital family networks. However, children living in a regional area are often the only child in their community who is deaf or blind. Many have never had an opportunity to interact with peers who share similar experiences and challenges in their day- to-day lives. For this reason, RIDBC runs camps that bring together families to learn, share experiences and build support networks.

The camps complement the Teleschool sessions that students receive at home by running a combination of individual intervention sessions, group sessions, parent education and support sessions, assessments and excursions. The carefully planned program of fun activities aims to build language and communications skills, resilience, confidence, social skills and self-esteem. Most importantly camps are designed to include parents and siblings.

The Hyundai Help for Kids grant provides both financial and vehicular support for RIDBC’s Teleschool program.